Farheen Naz Anis

Hi I'm Farheen Naz Anis!

“I believe; to start, we do not need to be great;
But to be great, one has to start”

I am Dr.Farheen Naz Anis, Ph.D. in Hearing & Speech Sciences at the Centre for Rehabilitation and Special Needs Studies at National University Malaysia. I’m the founder and director of Terteeb TeleRehab & have vast experience with communication disorders. I’m an author of research articles and book chapters. Moreover, I have presented at many international conferences. Furthermore, I have 30++ certifications covering a vast support area of additional needs.

My mission is to create an impact and meaningful experience for others who want transformation and change!

My journey started with the pain and acceptance of being a parent of a differently-abled child. I prayed and dreamed that my child would live like any other child, attend a regular stream school, and grow as a responsible, mature adult. It was not easy in the beginning. But with continuous faith in Almighty Allah, I overcame most of the obstacles in life.

Dear parents of differently abled children,
I want you to believe we can dream, struggle, and bring a change together!
We can do this. I assure you that our journey will not have an ordinary ending!
It will be a milestone and a game-changer for all of us.

I know your pain, as I’ve been there. And this is why I started Terteeb for you.

Terteeb is providing TeleRehab services with the help of a multidisciplinary team. We make customized educational, therapeutic,  sensory diet & communication plans for children, adolescents, and adults. Overall, Terteeb empowers differently-abled children and their parents to make daily lives easier and more fulfilling.

Here, I discuss communication, processing, and perceptual barriers to learning. I also discuss hearing impairment, spectrum, ADHD, and learning disabilities.

If you need some advice or consultation on speech therapy, learning disabilities, or hearing impairment, feel free to reach me here.

Remember: Together we can break all the barriers!

How I can help you?

Online Resources

Materials for articulation, language, fluency (stuttering), phonology, and literacy. Flashcards and plans available

Workshops & Trainings

Interactive professional development trainings and workshops.


Get expert advice and support on speech, language communication, literacy, behavior, and occupational therapies. A school readiness program is available.